spare parts
for sport Aircraft

Our company AGBE was set up in the year 1993. Since its foundation we have dealt in spare parts for sport and civil aircraft. Since 1994, the company has been in charge of the Central Air Storehouse for the Aeroclub of the Czech Republic.

Our company's prevalent activities are purchases, storage and sale of spare parts for sport aircraft type Zlin 42,43,142, then Zlin 50, and now in a limited number, though, those for the type of Trener (Z 126,226, 326). Similarly, in a limited number we also store spare parts for the aircraft Morava L 200, L 13 Blanik,
AN-2, L 13 SW, and L 60 Brigadyr. For these types we provide repairs of engines, aggregates and airscrews.

Engines, airscrews and all kinds of used aggregates are in our storehouse,
and we are ready to replace them
in so called "rotating way".

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